Cindy and Jeff have been taking our family pictures for a few years now.  They are a great team.  Very patient with the kids.  They are always open for new ideas and fun things to do. I love them and would recommend for any occasion.  Not to mention they are fast at getting the pictures back to you.  -Sara



We couldn't be happier with our experience with LookyLoo Photography! Not only are the pictures beautiful, but we had a fabulous time. Now the pictures are also representative of a really fun day with our family. Cindy and Jeff were awesome and totally rolled with the crazy winds, a toddler with a black eye, a preschooler with no nap and strong opinions, and a grandfather wearing a waist-length wig. She took it all in stride and the pictures are amazing.

I cannot recommend LookyLoo enough. If you want a great experience and fabulous pictures, these are the photographers that you want. Thank you so much! We'll for sure be calling you again! -Corey


Your pictures are STUNNING!  You are an incredible photographer with wizard editing skills. WIZARD. You're the Harry Potter of photo editing! -Alissa


Pretty much the entire time we were taking pictures Adilyn was sticking her tongue out when we told her to smile. Sweet Cindy (our photographer) took her keys out to get Adilyn's attention and ended up losing them. She ended up having to be rescued by her husband with the spare set of car keys. She did not let this put a damper on our photo shoot though. What a champ she is! -Kayde


Sometimes I get a photo from an amazing photographer that says so much to me. Today I got a bunch from Looky Loo Photography. I can't look away. Thank you for the best gift ever Cindy McCauley.  -Cari