Cindy McCauley

Hi!  Welcome to my page!  I am a natural light-loving portrait photographer.  I've found that beauty can be found almost anywhere, if you're willing to open your eyes and look for it. 

I am the face and eye behind Looky Loo. Growing up, the first dream I aspired to was to be the first woman president. A close second, an interior designer. Life happened, and while neither of those two dreams came to fruition, something even better did. I had my first son, took a photography class to capture every fleeting, drooling moment, and fell in love. I now had two sidekicks: a blonde named Calvin and a camera I called Niko. The rest, is a history of carefully curated photos forming an array of beautiful stories.  

My story has lengthened over time and now includes 4 more beautiful children, more cameras and lenses, and the unending support of the most amazing man: my husband.  My amazing husband has taken up photography as well and can be found behind the camera second-shooting for me at weddings.  The seven of us are adventure-seekers who enjoy laughter and good-company!  We try to find joy in our journey and love the road we've found ourselves on!

Have a story to tell?  Let me help you capture the images of a lifetime of tales to tell.

Unless otherwise noted, the images on this site were taken by Cindy McCauley of Looky Loo Photography.

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